Preparing for the Season ......... Ready?

It's February and Fieldstone is now open .......... sort of. The 50 + inches of snow that has fallen over the last week has forced the club into a temporary shut down mode. As we prepare to re-re open I thought I would explain our blogs February initiative. The upcoming weeks we will discuss "getting ready". The staff at Fieldstone is in the midst of prepping for the 2010 season and I thought we would post some helpful information on how you can prep for a great 2010 season as well. Since most of us have been somewhat home bound for part or all of the last week I'm sure food has been a recurring topic. In an article posted on the TPI website Dietitian Amy Goodson shares some insight on a very simple and healthy way to eat better. In the meantime as you wield your shovel remember just like the golf swing shoveling should start from the ground up so ...PLEASE LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS!

Here is the article...........

By Amy Goodson

As a registered dietitian, people are always asking me, ”How can I lose weight?”, “How can I get rid of cellulite?”, “How can I have more energy?”. Well, I have an answer: eat clean and be lean! The reality is that Americans eat processed food after processed food. Everything comes in a package, a box, or better yet…a package inside a package. We have more “healthy” and “diet” food on the market than ever before and yet 65% of America is overweight. Hmm, are we missing the big picture? Take a look at our genes…our ancestors did not have a weight problem, let’s look at their lives. They hunted food (buffalo, bison, deer, chicken, fish). They gathered food (fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, whole grains). And they walked to do all of it (exercise!). Nothing they ate came in a package, a box, a container or had a list of ingredients attached. They ate single food, or foods that each had one ingredient, itself. If you are trying to improve your health, lose weight and feel better, I have a challenge for you, eat single foods! Try a single food breakfast (hard boiled egg, bowl of fresh fruit and some raw almonds with an espresso), a single food salad for lunch (lettuce, veggies, pecans, avocado, corn, and berries), a single foods dinner (grilled salmon, sweet potato, roasted broccoli and cauliflower) and supplement with single food snacks during the day (apple, natural almond butter, a Lara Bar, raw veggies with a banana and a few walnuts). It's a whole approach with one simple rule, eat clean and be lean.

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