Centered Contact

              Understanding tendencies with respect to club face contact is paramount to maximizing your DISTANCE and improving your game.  A center hit on the clubface actually is more important than swing speed for generating distance.  Top 100 instructor Andrew Rice has done some research using TrackMan and determined that even his ..." (single figure handicaps or better) hit the sweet spot less than 20% of the time"

Hard to believe but as Bob Rotella says "golf is not a game of perfect".

A goal of 20% is something that certainly should seem attainable? So let's talk about some good ways to work on Centered Contact.

-mark the face of your club (impact tape or masking tape) (dry erase markers)
- start with a shorter club (7 iron)
- make shorter length swings with your feet together
- take note of contact point Patterns after about 5 shots

Once you determine your contact pattern you can begin a Productive Practice session that promotes improved contact.

The gate drill is a simple and effective way to feel the shape and path of the impact zone.

This drill is challenging but it will provide the instant feedback that should be a part of every practice session.

Once we have some solid consistent center hits It's time to

1. widen the stance
2.Lengthen swing
3. Change club

This is the progression for building centered contact.  Please feel free to stop in the golf shop for help with this or any other part of your game!!

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