Winter Rules

7-1. Acceptability of Scores When Playing Preferred Lies

Scores made when a Local Rule for preferred lies (winter rules) is in effect must be posted for handicap purposes unless the Committee (preferably the Handicap Committee in consultation with the Committee in charge of the course) determines that course conditions are so poor that such scores are not acceptable and should not be posted. Individual players playing the course do not independently decide whether scores are acceptable because of the conditions. If an individual decides to apply some form of this Local Rule, and the Committee has not invoked such a rule, the player's score is acceptable and must be posted for handicap purposes.

If adverse conditions such as flooding, mud, heavy snow, etc. are widespread throughout the course, the Committee should consider suspending score posting until conditions improve. If the Committee decides to suspend score posting due to poor course conditions, it should notify all players playing the course that scores should not be posted.

If the Committee decides to adopt a Local Rule for preferred lies, it should publish Specimen Local Rule 4c in "The Rules of Golf," Rule 33-8a and in Appendix I of "The Rule of Golf." However, Specimen Local Rule 4c may not be printed or referred to on a score card as it is of limited duration. The Local Rule should be withdrawn as soon as the conditions warrant.

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