Winter Golf Plan

If you live somewhere where the weather gets cold in the winter and it keeps you off the golf course, don't put your clubs away yet. Take advantage of this time to improve your game.
Here are five things that you can do this winter to keep getting better:
• Take a lesson: Changing your golf swing and making new habits takes time and repetition. Find a qualified instructor in your area and arrange to take a lesson. The offseason is the best time to take a lesson, as you have time to make the change a habit before golf season gets here.
• Work on your putting: Spend some time working on your putting everyday. This can be done easily at home on a putting green or carpet. It's a great time to check your fundamentals, such as grip and setup, as well as make small changes to improve your stroke.
• Improve your body: Find a fitness professional who specializes in golf. Your fitness professional can do an evaluation and prescribe a workout based on your physical limitations and weaknesses. The majority of golfers have a physical issue or issues that might prevent them from playing better golf.
• Practice in your mind: The brain doesn't know the difference between visualization and reality. Can't play because of snow or cold? No problem. Play your course in your mind. Go through a course you’re familiar with, maybe your everyday course or your favorite course, such as Pebble Beach. Picture yourself hitting tee shots, approach shots and putts. Make every shot perfect.
• Swing everyday: Put a club in your hands everyday. Make practice swings feeling the changes you're working on or visualize hitting the perfect shot. This will help you stay stay “in touch” with your clubs and your swing and/or provide you with valuable repetition.
Ed Oldham PGA

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