Upcoming Events

Setting the Stage for the next few weeks of Ladies Golf here are some important dates:

April 25th- WGAP Clinic - (Rules and On course Management) 5:15PM -7:30PM
April 26th - Ladies Day 8:30 AM Mystery Tour Raffle Draw Event of the Day(Team Stableford)
April 27th - WGAP Match at Blue Bell
April 28th- Deadline for Match 1 of Tradition Cup
May 1st -   WGAP Match at Links GC
May 2nd - Mystery Tour Leave Fieldstone 9:00 AM
May 3rd -  Ladies Day - 2 Person Shamble BB (Signup in advance w partner)
May 4th -  WGAP Match Home vs. St. Davids 9:00 Shotgun
May 5th -  Deadline for Semi Finals of Tradition Cup
May 8th -  WGAP Match Home vs. Overbrook
May 10th-  Ladies Day (Blind Odd or Even)
May 12th - Finals of Tradition Cup

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