Rule of the Week

This rule becomes very important as we near the start of team matches.

Rule 14-2

Standing on Extension of Line of Play or Line of Putt

My opponent or fellow-competitor always stands behind me while I am playing a stroke? Isn`t this a penalty?

Rule 14-2b only prohibits a player from allowing his partner or their caddies from standing in this position. While it may be a breach of Etiquette, there is no penalty under the Rules. A solution is to politely ask your opponent or fellow-competitor to move to one side or the other. (Rule 14-2b)


Line of Play

The “line of play’’ is the direction that the player wishes his ball to take after a stroke, plus a reasonable distance on either side of the intended direction. The line of play extends vertically upwards from the ground, but does not extend beyond the hole.

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